Bisexual man chat

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We think bisexuals are just as decisive, confused, honest, red-haired, tall or fat as everyone else - but the only clear shorthand for "Bisexuals are Just As Decisive As Everyone Else" is "Bisexuals Aren't Indecisive". Here at the Bisexual Index, we believe that a bisexual is someone who is attracted to more than one gender.

Some people get hung up on the 'bi' and protest that gender isn't binary.For further explanation of the Kinsey Scale see our Bisexual Scales page.Sexuality isn't black and white - and the spectrum between gay and straight isn't greys.Ultimately though, we don't think anyone is obliged to use the word "bisexual", and we agree there's some way to go before our definition is the most common one.Some of us are, but no - individual bisexual people needn't be 'queers'.

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