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In the study of 110 heterosexual men and women, who were either English or Czech, male speakers of both languages varied their tone more when they spoke to women they found attractive, speaking in a ‘sing-song’ voice, similar to actor Leslie Phillips.

He said: 'Previous research has shown that humans signal their romantic interest in several different ways, including non-verbal behaviours and body language, like eye contact and casual touching,- for example playfully touching someone's hair.'For men, it is important to sound masculine, which is manifested in a deeper voice pitch.

And does Waititi’s brand of humour even translate to the big-budget world of EXCEPT IT TOTALLY FUCKING DOES AND YOU CAN FORGET ALL THESE THINGS BECAUSE THIS FILM IS SO MUCH FUN.

You would think that a film about shrinking people down to miniature size would primarily be about doll houses and hilariously oversized pencils – and there is a lot of that here – but mostly Alexander Payne’s new 'short' film is concerned with socio-political issues and climate change.

He would have told me that uninformed criticism is what binds the entire internet and that I should always try to be mindful of hype. If it wasn’t immediately obvious he directed it too, the clues are there to be found: scenes that smash cut through shot lists like a machine gun play home to worldly and wise characters who spew dictionaries of insightful dialogue.

But, halfway through my training, I would have still no doubt run off unprepared to face what is easily my greatest weakness: Star Wars. Molly’s Game is adapted from the biography of a poker hostess who ran high stakes games for big game players, but the movie has more of Sorkin’s fingerprints on it than his own typewriter.

However, these vocal modulations are very subtle and probably not produced consciously by the speaker.

The beauty, who is currently dating West End star Darius Campbell, added: 'I am used to being on the catwalk and campaigns of major fashion brands with lots of eyes on me but this is completely different from anything I have ever done before.

Basically, it has the power to make you feel very small indeed. Have you ever seen a jaw literally, literally drop to the floor? Time was, you could get a bit of a reaction by saying Adam Sandler was a good actor.

It's time for a brand new installment of the feature we can't believe no one else is doing: talking about Marvel movies! Often if a writer-director can’t remove their own ego from the equation it can be problematic, but thankfully the story of Molly’s Game feels tailor-made for Sorkin’s style: though occasionally weighed down by sheer volume of dialogue, it’s nonetheless smart, slick and - thanks to a towering Jessica Chastain performance - more than a bit sexy.

After kicking off with Iron Man and seriously questioning the format with The Incredible Hulk, we're officially into sequel territory with Iron Man 2, the first movie that knew it was part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Following on from 2015's A Bigger Splash, Luca Guadagnino continues his fascination with swimming pools, sultry Italian summers and dancing men with a heartbreaking coming-of-age tale set in 1983.

Whether you like it or not here is no denying that 'fake news' has become one of the biggest buzz terms of 2017.

So it's no surprise that companies are finding a way to make a buck off the back of its widespread notoriety, including one with a holiday twist.

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