Dating over weight woman

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Things continue to get thick for such women as they suffer in silence.Luckily for fat men, unlike their female counterparts, they pass off as ‘attractive’ and ‘romantic’ if they happen to be rich, powerful or sole breadwinners to their families.When most of us are out there sweating it out, quite literally, in search of daily bread, they are at home, bumming around, eating, watching soap operas on TV or gossiping on Facebook, Twitter and Whats App,” he giggled.What’s more, despite the fact that some men, too, are overweight, most men are more critical of their women’s weight, unlike vice versa.” Seemingly, the perception that ‘slender women’ are beautiful is still prevalent around here.Perhaps it’s time we threw our weight behind chubby women, in a bid to dispel the notion that fat is ugly.I had to quickly intervene by grabbing and flinging her away.” Men get away with growing fat It’s amazing how men get away with being overweight.

Even my baby daddy whom I was with in a come-we-stay marriage couldn’t stand me.Harriet, a self-confessed overweight lady, is a haunted individual.Her weight, which hovers between 110 and 130 kilograms despite spirited efforts to shed it off, has been haunting her for close to two decades now.He eloped with, of course, a smaller woman,” agonises Joy, with renewed anger written all over her face.Agony of plus-size women Confessing that, indeed, this is a man’s world, Joy wonders why, unlike portly men, plus size women get judged harshly.

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