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Beyond this, even concepts contained in the dictionary that were adequately understood were often expressed in archaic terms.The second reason for pushing graduate students away from this work is related to the necessity of getting them involved as quickly as possible in dealing with resources from the original Asian traditions—in this case, the original texts and secondary resources from China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam.Most corrections to the material are usually only found in the equivalent DDB entry.Since we have already gone through the correcting and editing process once while adding the material to the DDB, it does not seem worth it, for our purposes, to go back and try to return to Soothill material to its precise original format.On the other hand, since Soothill was one the early translators of the I started this project with only the intent of absorbing its data into the DDB in a supplementary fashion, and it was not until halfway through the process of digitization that it occurred to me that a separate digital version of the dictionary made publicly available on the internet could be of sufficient value to merit paying attention to the proper preservation of its original format.Thus, unfortunately, during the early stages, almost all attention was paid to devising the most efficient strategies for preparation of the material for entry into the DDB.

Using modern computing technology in the process of adding this material to the DDB, we were able to benefit from the presence of digitized versions of the , which were checked (along with a wide range of other digitized resources) on the addition of each entry.

Beyond this, the constraints imposed by the printing technology of the 1930's have always made the dictionary somewhat difficult to use, with many of the entries in the dictionary being embedded inside other entries.

There is also the difficulty brought about by the usage of vertical bars to indicate the repetition of Chinese characters.

But if someone would like to do that job, they are certainly welcome to do so.

There is little doubt that the addition of the material to the DDB in a more readily accessible, searchable format is something that Profs.

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