Hayden panettiere dating ne yo

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If you have issues with me, then be man enough to come to me personally, but instead he had his people do it and then they said it wasn’t him but that the promoters asked me to be removed from the tour and that’s b---sh--. She was being evicted because I refused to pay her rent any longer once I found out her child was not my biological son. Y.: Well, she told me when she got pregnant that it could be between me and another guy, so I knew that from the beginning. Once it’s said, it ain’t nothing you can do but ignore it. Someone hacked into a phone and retrieved that photo and put it on the Internet. I just need to be more careful where I put my personal things. It ain’t the first photo and it sure won’t be the last. But his not coming to me directly was blatant disrespect, because he didn’t even view me as someone important enough to show respect to by talking to me man-to-man. I remember speaking to Jay-Z about it and he was like, ‘Look, man you haven’t made it until someone says you’re gay.” Essence.com: And what about now? Y.: Nah, I don’t even think about that mess anymore.The song was written and created by hit songwriters Gregg Alexander and Danielle Brisebois of the The New Radicals, and Fred Goldring, who was behind the 2008 multiple award-winning grassroots music video YES WE CAN with will.Grammy Award winning producer John Shanks produced the record, and the powerful music video for the song was produced and directed by Graham Henman and his team at Hello and Company.Behind the camera Ventimiglia and his partner at Divide Pictures Russ Cundiff are involved in traditional content having sold TV shows to NBC, Sy Fy and FX, and producing the independent feature TELL which Ventimiglia co-starred along side of Jason Lee and Katee Sackoff as well as STATIC, which Ventimiglia co-starred with Sarah Shahi and Sara Paxton. The show launches summer 2013 from San Diego Comicon.Ventimiglia also produced the web-series Chosen, now in it's second season for Sony's Crackle as well as directed other digital projects for American Eagle Outfitters, Cadillac, GQ and Liberty Mutual. Ventimiglia's passion for comic books led him to produce two titles for Top Cow / Image Comics "Rest" and "Berserker" Ventimiglia spends his free time working with vets through the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America as well as taking USO tours to troops abroad. He was born in Anaheim, California, to Carol (Wilson) and Peter Ventimiglia.His father is of Italian/Sicilian descent, and his mother has English and Scottish ancestry.

She last week denied being romantically involved with Sanchez after they were spotted out together in Los Angeles.

You’ve said that your mom always looks out and was even ready to knuckle up when rumors first surfaced about you being gay. There’s nothing wrong with being gay, but I just couldn’t understand why someone would make up lies like that.

Y.: No, because she doesn’t allow me to, so what can I do? Essence.com: Fortunately, your mom encouraged you to get a blood test done. When she heard the rumors that I was gay she was like, ‘Who do I have to pay a visit? ’ Essence.com: And your initial reaction to folks questioning your sexuality? Y.: Honestly, when I first heard that there were rumors out there about me being gay I thought, Wow someone must really hate me.

Scour the R&B section of any record store and you’re bound to find Sharrif “Ne-Yo” Smith’s blueprint for chart-topping hits on one of your favorite albums. C., rehearsing for a performance for a Michael Jackson tribute. I mean, the album went platinum, but just as far as my fans getting to know me better, I don’t think I accomplished that. That was another thing—as a man he showed me blatant disrespect. Y.: No, I was on tour and I didn’t get to speak to that man. He didn’t make an attempt to speak to me; it was as if it didn’t matter that I was there.

In fact, the platinum-selling artist and prolific songwriter is such a hot commodity that veterans (Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Usher, Celine Dione, Beyoncé,) and new jacks (Rihanna, Chris Brown, Mario, Jennifer Hudson) alike are vying for his Midas touch. I’ll be singing “Lady of My Life.” Essence.com: You’re always working! Essence.com: So did you draw that conclusion on your own, or based on the feedback from friends, family and fans? Y.: A little bit of both and then my own feelings after I listened to it again. I hope to do that with my third album, which I plan to release toward the middle of this year. He never tried to come and speak to me, but he wouldn’t even have to come to me, I would have been willing to talk to him about it, but that never happened.

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