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So, thinking that we're absolutely done and that meeting up with this woman was a waste of time, I drunkenly decided to be blunt with another female bartender whom I couldn't stop starring at.

I literally ask her, "When do I get to see you out of those work clothes?

" Long story short, first time ever having sex and not remembering.

I am now dating the girl from Tinder, and we occasionally still have "parties" with the bartender and her roommates along with some new talent.

While in the restroom something came over me and I was like fuck this isn't going anywhere, what the fuck do I do?

As usual, spamming, flooding and off topicness will not be tolerated. We went to a pretty classy Irish Pub, started shooting the shit and having quite a few drinks.

Here's the story: Imagine you got captured and they brought you to the infamous “death camp”.

Unfortunately for them two of them won’t see the end of the evening. Once the game starts, the ladies will place their little naughty sex toys in their pussies. We can adjust the vibration level and therefore the amount of stimulation." and to my surprise she replies "The girls and I are going to my house to drink and sit in the hot tub, you're more than welcome to join." Completely fucking shocked, and at this point piss fucking drunk, I follow her to her house stumble in and look around to find that her roommates are two older lesbians.She asks me if I'd like to hop into the hot tub or head to bed since I was pretty tanked.I heard bacon and couldn't leave, so while she's cooking breakfast I'm having the hair of the dog that bit me trying to out this hangover as soon as possible, and I ask what the hell happened last night.She replies with a chuckle and "I figured you wouldn't remember much" turns around walks towards me dropping a plate of flapjacks and bacon in front of me, saying "We'll just have to reenact it then won't we?

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