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If the player has not visited a girlfriend for a long time, they can sometimes receive calls from any of the six of the girlfriends telling the player to come and date them.The phone's design is that of an early flip-phone, with a small LCD display for numbers.This phone is presumably the phone he uses from then on, as Toni originally called using a payphone in "Home Sweet Home".The phone's function is similar to those in GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, but is depicted as a late-1990s clamshell phone.

Johnny and Luis each have a unique theme for their phones; as Johnny's phone assumes a more hardy appearance with a black leather case and has a unique "Lost MC" theme featuring The Lost Motorcycle Club's emblem, while Luis Fernando Lopez' phone appears to be more luxurious and modernised than Niko and Johnny's phones and is round, similar to Johnny's, has a glowing blue keypad and a unique "Club" theme.For convenience's sake, one can cancel the phone call as soon as "Calling..." is seen on the phone's display — the engine comes back to life as soon as the call is initiated.In the console versions of the game, the phone can also be used as a kind of "super handbrake", to instantly stop any vehicle, no matter the speed.Since GTA Vice City, players can choose to answer a ringing mobile phone; failing to answer a call will usually lead to the phone repeatedly ringing between a period of silence until the player answers it, or after the effects of not answering the phone is activated (i.e.a drop in the player's relationship with a girlfriend).

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