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Simple math Count backwards by skipping 2 digits ,like 100 98 96…so on.Once you master this, move on counting by skipping 3 digits.It also provides a window into some of the limitations of medical technology and the benefits of appropriate manual therapy techniques in treating physical problems.In the end, tightness and restriction of a few postural lower leg muscles led to long term compression and irritation of the underlying nerve branches.You will be amazed by your focus and math while counting.Practice Mindfulness This is a very simple and effective technique you can put into practice in all the actions you perform daily.He then prescribed an anti-inflammatory medication as treatment.The doctor explained to the client that the pain was likely coming from a nerve in their back, since there was no evidence of a problem on the x-rays of the leg and foot.

No other areas of the leg or back showed any abnormalities in sensation.Once diagnosed, a simple manual solution was applied to alleviate to pain. You can increase your concentration power by following any of these simple tips daily.The client took the medication for two weeks with no noticeable change in the level of pain, so stopped taking it.The pain has slowly increased over the past year, to a point that once at home from work the client places a hot pack on the foot and leg and falls asleep. When I examined the client’s leg and foot, I found that the area described as being numb seemed to be localized to the distribution of the Peroneal Nerve branches.

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