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Rachael, a freelance actress, speaks about how her experiences of being single in Johannesburg gave her the idea to start this event. She grew increasingly tired of propositions for sex on Tinder, blind dates set up by friends that were too awkward, and she didn’t want to date the people she kept meeting because they were in the same social circles.

After many dating misfortunes I must say, I personally share all of these sentiments.

I wanted to get the looks out of the way” Rachael explains.

Here’s how it works: you purchase a ticket online; men and women are required to arrive at different times to maintain the air of mystery; you have 5-minute long dates, with approximately 10 people with a LED light only bright enough to write a comment after your date; when the dates are complete, you have the choice to either have a drink in the POPArt entrance with fellow participants, or leave discreetly.

Sharing the best radio of today and discussing the future of the medium, delegates can grapple with issues facing the medium in a changing environment and be exposed to new ideas and skills from the continent and abroad.

Held at the University of Johannesburg from 30 June – 1 July 2016 the conference attracts more than 250 delegates with a range of international and local media experts sharing their knowledge, insight and passion for radio.

Nur noch wenige Tage sind es, bis mit dem Heiligen Abend die Weihnachtsfesttage anbrechen.

Neben dem vorweihnachtlichen Trubel bedeutet die Adventszeit für Christen allerdings auch eine Zeit der Vorbereitung auf die Feier der Geburt Jesu, die von Stille und Besinnung geprägt sein kann.“Do not cancel, because you are the rudest person if you cancel” she exclaims. You don’t want to be the person that messes up the entire flow of dates.So if you’re tired of conventional dates and want to let your personality do all the work, go check out the second edition of ‘Dating in the Dark’ on Thursday, 2 April at the POPArt Theatre in the Maboneng Precinct at . Words by @That Girl Fati Have you heard about @Johnnie Walker SA's #strideforgood initiative? https://t.co/x IQh ZLA91y Check out our photo story of trans activist, model and stylist Glow Makatsi | https://t.co/cn XY7L71km https://t.co/Cg WR7r ZAKLRT @shoelayout: Reposting @livemagsa: @colendelu @_4.di_ #shoelayout #love #instagood #shoeporn #instashoes #shoe #flatshoes #photooftheday…by: Fatima Mathivha - 31 March 2015 As I walk past a car guard, the lights of Fox Street suddenly go off, the music from the surrounding restaurants stops and there seems to be a collective sigh from patrons and restaurant staff. ” I meet Rachael Neary at the POPArt Theatre in the Maboneng Precinct and the first thing she says is, “this is exactly why we started this thing!” We take a seat in the candlelit entrance hall and bar of POPArt and start talking about ‘Dating in the Dark’, a speed dating event she created and runs with the owners of POPArt, Haleigh and Orly.

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