Who discovered aol backdating contracts

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As a HAMP servicer, Nationstar entered into written PMAs for modifications with Plaintiff and other eligible Nationstar borrowers.These PMAs, which were form contracts, expressly required Nationstar to permanently modify the borrower’s loan pursuant to the terms of the PMA.Plaintiff and the members of the putative Class complied with their obligations under their TPP Agreements and PMAs by executing and submitting all required documentation, answering all questions truthfully, keeping their representations true and accurate, and making their required trial period payments.To the contrary, Nationstar has knowingly established a system designed to wrongfully deprive its eligible HAMP borrowers of an opportunity to modify their mortgages, pay their loans, and save their houses from foreclosure.Nationstar’s actions, which serve only its interest in extracting as much money as possible from borrowers it deems are at risk of default, thwart the very purpose of HAMP, constitute express and implied breaches of its various contracts, and amount to immoral, unlawful, and unfair business practices under California’s Consumer Legal Remedies Act.

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