Who is andy scott lee dating

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She is an experienced presenter and has entertained viewers of the popular Channel 4 program "Late Lunch," impressing everyone with her natural confidence and vitality.

Scott-Lee signed a record deal with Mercury Records and launched a solo career in 2003 although her success was limited after the release her debut single "Lately", and was dropped after her second single.

Scott-Lee was a member of the group 3SL, where he produced 2002 hits such as 'Take It Easy' and 'Touch Me Tease Me' that were signed to Sony (Epic).

After the group broke up, he appeared in the second series of Pop Idol, making it to the final seven out of 100,000 entrants.

Just as the individual Spice Girls never managed to recapture their all-conquering five-headed pop dominance, so it was for Steps.

The song Electric, written by Guy Chambers and A1's Ben Adams, was the song with Lisa's career hopes pinned to it. Despite Totally Scott-Lee's high viewing figures, it only managed an unlucky number 13 chart placing.“I’ve not been approached to go into the house but to be honest the only thing I would do would be to go in and have a meal or something.“But I wouldn’t want to meet the rest of the housemates and it wouldn’t be fair on Lydia to be honest,” Andy added.Its follow-up, Too Far Gone, fared less well in November the same year, scraping to number 11.It wasn't enough, and merciless Mercury dropped her prior to her third single, a cover of Strike's U Sure Do.

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