Who is james mcavoy dating now

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(Is he also, perhaps, “The Beast” the trailer warns about?

Only Shyamalan knows.) Which leads me to the question of…

He plays a lovestruck garden gnome called Gnomeo in the animated feature Gnomeo and Juliet, a tragic – but not too tragic – saga of love, enmity and pointy hats.

When I tell him the film has a theme song performed by Elton John and Lady Gaga, he looks at me in astonishment. He’s also a modest man and the whole process of having to talk about himself is one he clearly shrinks from. Certainly no one at the Soho hotel where we’re meeting looks up from their almond croissants or their Black Berrys when he walks in.

When he arrives with his publicist, she hovers protectively around him before he reassures her that he’ll be fine on his own. “I think my recognisability ebbs and flows,” he says in his soft Scottish burr.

How do you reconcile this new way of being into your understanding of life and fate? This play is doing that healing work and exposing this lie—which has been propagated by a very white, straight male, fear-based, Republican, Judeo-Christian idea—that there is anything wrong with a man loving a man.

Prior gets to tell the audience, “The world only spins forward.” He’s giving voice to a new set of truths about compassion, empathy, community. Because it felt unrelated to what was happening in the room, in that conversation, and in my life. I can just focus on doing this play and keeping the conversation moving forward in a way that is about love. Having met [contestants] Detox and Kim Chi recently…it was really overwhelming. She’s got one of those souls that you can feel is very, very deep.

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